Top 5 Free Social Media Listening Tools of 2016.

Every social media marketing guy’s first and foremost job on his daily checklist is to track his company’s mention on web. To formulate content marketing strategy, tracking mentions and his company’s reputation online forms an essential part of plan. There are dozens of free and paid tools to track what is being said and where about the brand or its product and services on web.
Before you reach for your credit card and ponder over purchasing a paid tool try out some of the free social media listening tools. Here’s a small list of 5 that I’ve tried are free. You may also try them out and see what works for you.
1. Google Alerts
With Google Alerts you can read on web for the interesting new content, mentions of your brand or even yourself, your competitors, industry leaders and so on. Google Alerts is very simple to use and easy to set up, this is probably a good platform to start for beginners.

By creating a Google Alert, you will receive email notifications every time Google finds new results on a topic that interests you across blogs, forums, social media and news sites.


2. Boardreader
BoardReader allows users to search multiple message boards simultaneously, allowing users to share information in a truly global sense. It allows you to run searches on topics/keywords that are being discussed in forums or discussion boards.
Users can search out for the answers to their questions from other users who share their experience on that particular topic across different message boards and forums.


3. Social Mention
Social Mention helps you choose the specific platform you may want to search for your search query. You can choose among blogs, microblogs, images, events, news, videos, audio and more. You can choose a category individually or search across all of them.

Social Mention also includes various type of statistics about the search in addition to actual search results. These statistics include the sentiment (positive, negative or neutral), top keywords, top users, Postrank rankings, and sources.


4. Icerocket
This recently acquired tool by Meltwater offers blog, Twitter and Facebook monitoring in 20 languages, as well as results graphs that you can experiment with. It allows you to track your search term results from desired time period.

It can be used for keeping an eye on your blogger activity, as they claim to have around 200 million blogs in their database and they also provide the possibility of finding the latest trend terms related to your search.


5. Tweetreach
Not new, but still a great site for blowing away Twitter skeptics in a single click. TweetReach is the right tool for your business if you’re interested in monitoring how far your tweets reach, as TweetReach measures the actual impact and implications of social media discussions.

Just add a short URL from a popular Tweet you’ve recently posted, click the button and it shows you how many people (and who) your Tweet was sent to. Great for identifying who your most valuable and viral Followers are.



These are the few tools that I’ve been using for quite a sometime, please feel free to share your feedback on these tools or you’ve come across that would be worth be worth trying.


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